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Not only is Kristina the paralegal and right hand woman to the attorney, she is also her cousin. She was already used to long hours of putting up with Lauren as she babysat her when she was little. Kristina has always had a passion for people and problem solving. She has a multitude of experience in working in medical clinics on billing and coding as well as patient management.


This experience suited Kristina to excel at her paralegal duties because injury cases involve managing client medical records and billing. Kristina knows an injury can be life changing and she excels at guiding clients through their medical treatment and experience. Outside of work, Kristina enjoys being a wife and a mom to an active 10 year old. She also fully excels at being a dance mom and wearing all the hats. Kristina enjoys crafting and vinyl as a hobby and created our very own “Chill Pill Jar” full of delicious treats. 

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